Group Registration is a way to bring some friends, run mates, family and colleagues along for the run! It is also a way to save some money on registration. The process is easy. You don’t need to register everyone at once and it only takes minimum six people total or maximum fifty people total to make a group.

A group captain will make a group through the online process, select a group name, and add your members. Once you register your group with a number of 25 members or more, you will get 5% discount on your total fees. And if your team member’s number will be 45 or more, you will get 10% discount on your total fees. Furthermore, recruit a group of 50 and the Group Captain gets his/her registration FREE! Your registration will be refunded once your group size reaches 50.

We hope you’ll enjoy your race day even more by having a group to meet up with, run with, or cheer at the finish line. If your group didn’t quite meet the minimum number - no worries, you still get to have a fantastic race.


- During registration, as soon as you “Choose Your Event”, click the button labeled “GROUP REGISTRATION” and select Create New Group Registration.
- You’ll be asked to select a Group Name and you’re a Group Captain!
- Recruit at least 4 other people who haven’t registered yet, give them your group name.
- You can simply make a runner list including their Name, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Date of Birth, Blood Group, Nationality, Race Category, T-shirt Size. Please send the excel or word or pdf file to [email protected]
- Contact with the authority to make payment.
- If you want to add or remove your member after your group registration, just write us [email protected] before the deadline of event registration.

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27 January 2023