Barishal Marathon, the race combines philosophy with sports - Ramesh Singh

Barishal Marathon, the race combines philosophy with sports - Ramesh Singh

Ramesh Singh
Fellow runners, supporters, I am Ramesh Singh from India. It is my pleasure and honor to be one of the Ambassadors for the SAILOR 2nd BARISHAL MARATHON to be held on 4 March 2022.
Taking that opportunity, I appeal and encourage you all to patronize, support and most of all to celebrate this race. And here are my four reasons to say so:

  • This race combines philosophy with sports. For the first time in my running life I find something like ‘cosmic culture’ related to a sports event - an event which aims to ‘promote the enthusiasm of science’! Amazing mix of mind and body.
  • The organizers of this race are a solid bunch of ‘intelligent’ people. They have worked very well and linked a poet TS Elliot, a running hero John ‘Penguin’ Bingham and a female running champion Kara Goucher to their refreshing race.
  • The website of this race is the best I have seen in Bangladesh. A comprehensively organized portal where you find answers to all your questions. Organizers have put in a lot of efforts. Even their theme ‘Social Harmony, Upholds Humanity’ testifies their intellectual horizon and cosmic awareness.
  • We have many Half Marathons in rest of the Bangladesh but very few in South of the country. Barishal is the ‘Venice of Bengal’. It is the city of Sher-e-Bangla A K Fazalul Huq. It is the second biggest port of Bangladesh. It is the place of Paresh Lal Roy who is credited to be the ‘Father of Indian Boxing’. It is also home to the BPL league franchise ‘Barisal Bulls’.

So, let Barishal not be known just as ‘Dhan, nadi, khal ai teen Barisal’. Let this proud Marathon be added to its landmarks. Let us run at the sound of the morning gun on 4 March. See you all there in the grand festival!

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