FAQ - General Information

FAQ - General Information

Is there any upper age limit for each race?
No upper age limits.

Can I apply for more than one race category?
No. An individual can apply only for one race in the Event. An application form received with two options chosen, will be rejected. Multiple applications will entail in all being rejected.

Can I apply for my friend/relative?
No, an applicant must sign/accept the waiver / consent himself/herself, you cannot apply on your friend’s/relative’s behalf.

Do I get an option to select my BIB number?
No, BIB number is sequentially select for participants based on availability at the time of registration.

Can I run with somebody else’s running BIB on race day?
No. All participants’ race day images will be screened visually after the race and if any of the participant is found not wearing the running number bib allotted to him/her, the participant registered for that bib will be disqualified from the race and the subsequent edition of the event in future. Further, Cosmic Culture reserves the right to take necessary legal action against the registered participant and the person who has used the running number bib on race day, for impersonation.

What should I do if I am unable to open the registration website?
We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for an optimized registration experience. You should also clear the cache & cookies and retry. If the problem persists, send us a screenshot of the error or inform us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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