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Several scientific studies have tried to prove that the human body is not suitable for running. After all, humans are two-legged animals; Apart from cheetahs, cats, deer, humans do not have the ability to run on four legs like other fast-moving animals in the animal world. Moreover, time to time, humankind has evolved considerably, advancing in many disciplines of knowledge and science, so that the speed of walking is relatively low. There are many different types of transport, including trains, automobiles and aircrafts for long distance destinations. Even the neighbors, classmates, colleagues can easily communicate with each other through phone, text message, e-mail without any physical movement from one place to another.
However, a portion of the entire population of the world has raised themselves to such a high level that they have been doing the painful task of running the 42.2km race, rejecting the above doctrine. Some are completing the distance of fifty kilometers, some again crossing a hundred kilometers, one hundred miles, and even forty-eight hours running in a six-day run for hundreds of miles. This lively, steadfast part of the human is widely known today as the ‘marathoner’ and the race as the ‘marathon’ event.


The marathon has become an extremely popular event in many countries around the world. In comparison, the marathon is slowly gaining popularity in Bangladesh. The marathon have been taking place in the last few years in the capital, divisional cities and in some districts and its popularity is increasing day by day.
Barishal Marathon is an initiative by Cosmic Culture, a science organization to practice and explore science in Bangla, to motivate and inspire runners, marathoners, enthusiasts, health freaks as well as the common man to run - for equality, for inspiration, for the thrill to win.
As a science organization, Cosmic Culture, for the first time, took the initiative to organize a marathon in Barisal City from the point of view of social responsibility. We feel that marathon means of expressing unity and harmony in the physical and mental development of people and in developing social creativity. Here, people will also have the opportunity to be united in their diversity, which will inspire us to build our future potential. Besides, organizing a marathon properly will create opportunities for others to learn about the heritage of greater Barishal.

The marathon not only enhances physical ability, but it is also important in mental development. Besides, marathons play a vital role in building unity and discipline among people.
Barishal Marathon aims to be a facilitator for promoting civic causes by encouraging individuals, corporate and social organizations to collaborate with shared time and resources. Barishal Marathon is committed to enhancing and promoting health and wellness of the individual and nation at large through the joy of the sport of running.

Run for Unity is Diversity.

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