Theme for 2023

Theme for 2023


Save River, Preserve Nature.

It is said about greater Barishal that it formed by combination of paddy-river-canal. Once upon a time, the only way of communication for inhabitants in greater Barishal was by river. Roads and airways have gradually expanded in the communication system. In addition, rivers are still considered as an important way of communication and transportation of goods with the capital city and surrounding districts.

Trade and various civic activities were once developed based on rivers, not only in Barishal, but in other parts of the country as well. However, most of the rivers are under threat due to people’s arbitrary behavior and aggressive attitude. Besides the government, the general public also has a important role to play in preventing river pollution. If we can refrain from other inhumane practices, including the dumping of indigestible / plastic products in the river during our daily activities or while traveling through river, it can be very helpful in protecting nature and protecting biodiversity. With this point of view, the theme of the 2nd Barishal Marathon has been selected. We think it is the responsibility of all of us to become careful with rivers.


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