• Run for unity in diversity

    2nd Barishal Marathon 2021

  • The joy of the sport of running...

    Barishal Marathon


Barishal Marathon is committed to enhancing and promoting health and wellness of the individual and nation at large through the joy of the sport of running.
12 November 2021, Friday (proposed)
Barishal city (details of the course will announce later)
Full Marathon (proposed), Half Marathon, 10K, 5K (proposed)

Barishal Marathon

Run for unity in diversity

Preamble Several scientific studies have tried to prove that the human body is not suitable for running. After all, humans are two-legged animals; Apart from cheetahs, cats, deer, humans do not have the ability to run on four legs like other fast-moving animals in the animal world. Moreover, time to time, humankind has evolved considerably, advancing …


Cosmic Culture

The organiser

Goal The goal of cosmic culture is to popularize science and make it possible for the students and the common people through education and knowledge together and to develop a rational and scientific mindset.   Objective By constructing people’s awareness of scientific methods, let them understand their position and the logical thing to do. It does not need to …


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This schedule of events only lists races conducted throughout Bangladesh and all information is taken from the field promoted by the organizers (facebook page of their events or website). This is not a co-ordinated initiative at all, but it's main goal is to provide information support to runners.
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